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National Head Start Standards Guide [PDF 1.4 MB]
Contribution Funding Framework and Health Planning Process [PowerPoint 1.4 MB]
A Guide For First Nations on Evaluating Health Programs [PDF 72 KB] or:
Community-Based Reporting: A Guide for First Nations and Inuit 2011-2012
Provides supporting information to help with completing the Community-Based Reporting Template (CBRT). Includes: 1) Instructions and guidance for completion of each section of the CBRT; 2) Explanations of why specific information is being collected and how it will be used; and 3) Definitions specific to each question and examples of requirements.
Community-Based Reporting Template
The reporting template designed to support the work of Contribution Agreement recipients in meeting the annual requirements of their Agreements.
Community-Based Reporting Tracking Tool
An optional tool that can be used to track information that is necessary for completing the HCD section of the CBRT.