Values and Beliefs

Head Start Statement of BeliefsĀ and Values About Children

While First Nations people have distinct cultures and languages, they also share common beliefs, values and histories, which stress that:

  • Children are a gift from the Creator
  • Children have a right to live proudly as First Nations people in the lands of their ancestors
  • Children have a right to learn their respective First Nations language(s) and histories, and adults have a responsibility to pass on the instructions that the Creator gave in the beginning of time, as reflected in the languages, cultural beliefs and cultural practices
  • Each child is part of what makes the community whole
  • It is essential for children to develop meaningful relationships with Elders, the carriers of knowledge and history
  • Children, under the guidance of Elders, will learn to love learning throughout their lifetime
  • Adults are community role models who are to teach children how to live a good life
  • Children deserve opportunities to gain knowledge and experience of how to life a good life
  • Children acquire knowledge by watching, listening and doing, and adults are responsible for encouraging and guiding them in all those activities
  • Children, through being loved, valued and encouraged, will gain the courage, the strength and the wisdom to use the power of a good mind and spirit in all that they do
  • Children have a right to enjoy the opportunities that education offers
  • Children have a right to live in healthy, self-determining communities that are free of violence

Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Principles and Guidelines, 1998.